6 Things You Need to Know to Beat Sugar Cravings

Defeating Sugar Cravings Once And For All

A craving that you have often means that you are lacking something in particular in your diet. Responding to those cravings is usually just common sense to supply the body with the types of nutrients that are currently missing from your diet. However, some cravings are nothing more than the body not being able to get past things that are not healthy for the body. Today we look at some of the ways to curb those cravings and ultimately eliminate them.

Eat Foods High In Mineral Magnesium

There are a whole variety of reasons why a person may crave sugar. In some cases it could be the lack of something else that triggers the desire for sugar. Often, people who are lacking enough mineral magnesium in their diet will feel that they need to go out and eat more sugar. That can result in them eating sugary foods rather than the foods that they really require. Some of those foods are ones that are high in mineral magnesium.

Mind Body Green, a blog about all things to do with nutrition, says that dark leafy greens are a great source of mineral magnesium. Those who eat their fair share of dark lefty greens can help themselves curb the cravings they once experienced for sugar. As a bonus, the dark leafy greens are great for one’s health as well.

Make The Sugar You Do Intake Last Longer

Part of the way to lower sugar intake is to make the bit that you do take in last longer than it might otherwise. This includes doing things like eating a salad before your meal or having a fatty snack. Those are two ways to soak up more of the sugar that you do eat. It will make you feel more full more quickly, and that in turn will help you avoid eating more than you should. You can rely on those snacks to bring you through.

Have A Little Wine

It might sound strange to recommend having wine as a way to curb sugar intake, but there are positive attributes to doing just that. When one drinks some wine with their meal, they can enjoy the sugar blocking properties that come with this particular beverage. The liver does its magic to release those sugar blocking hormones when one is drinking wine. Therefore, there is not as much desire to have sugar when one has a little wine with a meal.

Consumption of alcohol obviously can produce its own health problems, and it should only be used in moderation. There is no excuse for abusing alcohol to gain other benefits. That being said, those who do want to take in a little wine with their meal can have the added benefit of a lowered urge to eat more sugar.

Have Your Sugar After A Meal

Sugar does the most damage to the body when it is allowed to move straight through the body with no impediments. Those who eat their sugar in the form of dessert after a meal save themselves from having sugar move directly through the body. A meal helps slow that progress.

This strategy allows a person to still enjoy some sugar while at the same time not having all of the worst impacts that it might otherwise inflict.

Get Out And Exercise

Exercising helps the body use up some of the glucose that the body naturally produces. Muscles use a lot of glucose to keep functioning. A person who does not get out and exercise much will be left sitting around craving more and more sugar. A person who gets out and at least takes a walk or gets some other exercise can do much better.

Exercising is good for so many other reasons. Lowering the cravings for sugar is just another thing that one can chalk up as a good reason to finally get out there and move the body.

Try Spices That Add To Flavor

Flavor can be added to meals via spices such as cinnamon to help make for a better tasting meal without the need for added sugar. A lot of people like the taste of those spices, and it helps them not reach for extra sugar.

Always keep in mind that the sugar content of different foods are available on the nutrition labels of all of those different foods in the grocery store. There is no reason to be in the dark about what you are consuming. You will want to know what you are putting in your body, so keep an eye on those types of things. Grab some extra seasonings in order to have something that doesn’t make food so bland. You can have enjoyable meals without having to put more sugar in your body.

Do these types of things long enough and you will start to notice a diminished desire for sugar in your life altogether.

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