5 Supplements That I Personally Like

Everyone approaches the process of working out in a different fashion. Whether it be training for a triathlon or keeping your figure as your year’s number, individuals can benefit from a steady intake of supplementation. These supplements help prepare you for workouts, benefit energy use during a workout, and support steady growth and recovery during the post-workout period.

While my approach to supplementation may differ from others, it is a steady guide to producing the results I desire. My fitness goals include staying in shape and toning troubled areas of my body that have greater fat retention levels. Below are 5 different supplements that I take to stay in shape and recover in a timely fashion. Listed with each product is a host of benefits and key areas that make the product fit in with the other supplements I am taking.

Pre-Workout: C4 Original

C4 Original

C4 is my pre-workout supplement of choice, due to the many properties it possesses. C4 brings on strong muscle pumps and kicks up the energy before your workout begins. This pre-workout formula works best on an empty stomach. This notion is warranted due to not having to fight through additional elements in your system. It can find the correct path, leaving you with the least resistance of penetrating your system. The main ingredient in producing the muscle pumps is creatine nitrate. The creatine limits the water amounts being absorbed by your muscles and increases the blood flow to these areas. This creates for the maximum amount of effectiveness gained from your workout.

Not only is C4 an effective agent in heightening gains from your workout, but it also tastes good. I usually mix up the flavors I am using and have never had a problem with the taste with any in their product line. Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Sour Apple, and Fruit Punch make up a small portion of the flavors offered via this Cellucor brand.

There is tremendous value in the price point, equating to half the cost of similar pre-workout supplements. This supplement also comes virtually jitter-free, which is an important host element of your pre-workout supplement. I have also tried other pre-workout supplements, ranging in both price and ingredients. This product gets my vote as the best due to the flavor component, the nature of benefit to my workout, and the tremendous value it hosts. It also ranks pretty high on online pre-workout supplements rankings lists.

Amino Acids: BCAA 5000 Powder


A second component to assisting the workout process is amino acids. These acids are not often produced by the body and their components create a desired effect on the body. The result is turning the muscle breakdown phase into lower amounts and increasing the muscle building phase. This trade-off allows for you to get the most out of your workout and sustain the results you are to obtain.

The BCAA 5000 powder is the perfect source for obtaining these amino chains. It is a colorless powder that I often mix with water or protein shakes. This powder is also tasteless, allowing you to increase the different methods of consumption. Since the body does not naturally produce these elements, it is important to increase usage of this supplement, no matter the on/off days of your workout schedule. I take servings of this supplement with 2 out of 3 meals. If it happens to fall on a workout day, I will mix this powder with my water to consume during my workout. There isn’t a set time at which the consumption of these amino acids will benefit over another, leaving the timing piece up to the consumer.

Testosterone Booster: Mega Men Performance Vitapak

Mega Men Performance Vitapak

When it comes down to vitamins, we are often leaving too much room on the table. There are lots of different vitamins, each possessing different qualities that can improve your fitness level, fight off illness, and promote a healthy heart.

This is where the Vitapak becomes an essential part of my daily intake. There are 6 individual capsules per pack, each promoting increased levels of health and wellness. Some of the main ingredients in these pills include fish oils, testosterone boosting agents, antioxidants, and other such beneficial ingredients. These packs are to be consumed on a daily basis, with some pills possessing different time frames of consumption than the others. If you’re looking for something with less pills or a bit strong test boosting elements, you can check out this list of 10 other good testosterone boosters.

I usually take my antioxidant boosters and fish oils in the morning, benefiting from the strung-out ingredients that process throughout the day. The nighttime is reserved for the testosterone boosters, as their ingredients benefit the most when the body is at rest.

Protein Powder: JYM Casein Formula Powder


For post-workout success, I rely on casein protein powder. Casein powder differs slightly from whey protein in that it possesses agents that help the recovery and slow building process. Whey is absorbed into the muscle stream at high rates, hosting effectiveness in the short-term rather than long-term. Casein protein is slowly absorbed and contains a greater stream of recovery elements. Building muscle strength and tone is not something that can happen overnight. To suit the building process, I prefer casein protein.

The increase in muscle recovery helps reduce the fatigue and stress you receive during and after a workout. The function of casein is at work when your body is at rest, which is a process that isn’t carried out for long periods by whey protein. If you are looked for sustained results and have the patience to build these results, casein is going to be your best friend in the protein powder category.

Fueling Muscle Gains: Micronized Creatine Powder

Micronized Creatine Powder

The best feature that creatine has, in my opinion, is the minimal ingredients used to make up this supplement. I choose this creatine substance based off of that single ingredient inclusion: creatine monohydrate. This is an ingredient that is broken down to host potency and purity for digestion. It helps create muscle pumps and increase the strength you have during your workout.

There are many different and good creatine blends on the market, but I would suggest sticking to one that limits additives. The function of this substance is attained during your workout. You will feel the added strength increases and will host a higher stamina during use. A second feature I love about this powder mix is that is contains no flavor. Having a flavorless title allows you to consume this supplement in a multitude of ways. You can mix it in with water, where it dissolves rather quickly. You can also mix it in with foods, such as cereal in the morning or with yogurt if you like to enjoy a pre-workout snack.

I take this supplement once per day. I will alter the usage either during or before my workout. The benefits shine through regardless of the time frame you are to utilize it, making it a great addition to your supplement regimen.

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